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House of Integrity profile: It feels good to win

Haylee Hall

Jacqueline Scott

House of Integrity co-senior executive delegates Jacqueline Scott and Haylee Hall are thrilled their House has won the Second Quarter points competition, which will land them in the House Cup finals in the spring. It is the first time Integrity will appear in the House Cup since the competition began.

“It feels awesome to see the seniors putting in the effort,” Haylee said. “It’s a sense of gratification for us as senior leaders seeing people in the House putting in effort and getting us rewarded for it.”

Haylee said one important way the House won points in the Second Quarter was through the commitment of the House members to attend morning liturgy on Thursdays, one of the way Houses can earn points.

Jacqueline said she was impressed with how the House members came together to support the Spirit of the Season giving challenge during Advent. Nearly every House member donated money, and many of them took a turn shopping, wrapping the gifts, or delivering them.

“Everyone took part,” Jacqueline said. “We collected enough money we could get all the (assigned family’s) children’s gifts and something for the parents too.”

Jacqueline and Haylee said they’ve seen more commitment from their House members all school year, something they credit to the House faculty leader Mrs. Terri (Blunk) Purichia ’90, who serves as a permanent substitute teacher and Volleyball coach. Integrity came in a close second in the First Quarter points, and Mrs. Purichia inspired the House leaders and members to work hard in the last quarter to get the win.

Jacqueline is involved in many activities, including Girls Soccer.

“Coach P. has been an amazing leader,” Haylee said. “She’s so enthusiastic, and that carries over to the House, especially the leaders.”

House leaders and members have been inspired all school year to get involved – and not just to earn points. That showed in how everyone came together to put on the bonfire last semester. It had been several years since Integrity sponsored the bonfire, which at one time kicked off what is now known as Guerin Day. Haylee said she wanted to bring back the event because she remembered hearing about it when she was in middle school. As the leaders began planning it, they quickly decided to bring on other Houses to help organize it in order to make it more manageable – and to get more students interested in attending. Jacqueline and Haylee said their plan worked, and they were pleased with how many students attended.

Jacqueline and Haylee said they like working together to plan things for the House and are quick to point out each other’s strengths. Jacqueline is “analytical and organized,” Haylee said. And Haylee “is creative and thinks outside the box to think of ways to get people involved,” Jacqueline said.

Jacqueline is on the Girls Soccer team, is a member of the Spanish Club and SEAC, and is a Student Ambassador. She plans to attend Indiana University-Bloomington and major in chemistry on the pre-med track.

Haylee throws the discus for the Girls Track & Field team.

Haylee is on the Volleyball and Track & Field teams and a member of the Pinterest Club. She plans to attend IU-Bloomington and has received a direct admittance to the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies and plans to major in biology and East Asian language and culture with plans to go into dermatology. She is teaching herself Korean and learning the alphabet to get a head start.

Both girls have held leadership positions in the House since sophomore year and said it feels good to accomplish a goal during their senior year.

“It shows the initiative we both have in making our mark, and it feels good knowing we could go out winning something substantial for our House,” Haylee said.

“I think it will keep going too,” Jacqueline said. “I want the enthusiasm to continue even next year.”

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House of Loyalty leaders divide and conquer

Each month, the eVision will profile the senior executive delegate(s) of each House

Seniors Brooke Williams and Bryce Drury split the duties of senior executive delegate for the House of Loyalty, with each focusing on a task that best fits his or her ability. Brooke is planning the Fall Homecoming ceremony for Friday evening, and Bryce is coordinating the assignments for the Guerin Day competition. Brooke’s skills lend to her planning events, including the upcoming Homecoming Dance with the House of Faith, and Bryce knows many of the strengths of the members of their House to assign them to the best position for the House competition.

“I’m passionate about fashion and decorating, so homecoming fits my passions,” Brooke said, adding that her duties include ordering the flowers and organizing who is contributing different items for the event.

Since Bryce is a three-sport athlete – football, track, and swim – he said he knows many of the people in the House and can help them choose the best spot to help the House win the Guerin Competition.

Both Bryce and Brooke are involved in many activities beyond their House leadership position. Brooke is in her third year as a House leader and is also a student ambassador, Eucharistic minister, and cheerleader and is a member of Green Dot, SADD and National Honor Society. She said she enjoys having different opportunities to share her leadership skills. Her favorite activities are being a cheerleader and sharing her school spirit with fans in the stands and being a House leader.

“I get to work directly with other students, and I can see the effects of my leadership in them,” Brooke said. “You can see the end product, unlike in other activities.”

When she’s not at school or cheerleading, Brooke enjoys checking out new fashion trends and taking photos. She has been able to travel to several different countries and all over the country with her family and loves taking pictures of the scenery she sees, she said. She plans to pursue her interests next year with major in marketing and apparel merchandising and either attend Miami of Ohio or Indiana University Bloomington.

Bryce loves each of the sports in which he participates, and this season, he is a wide receiver and corner back for the Football team. He also is involved in several extracurricular activities including Spanish Club, the Drawing Club, and the Art Club and is president of the National Honor Society.

Each activity helps him express a different interest. He has always like drawing and art, he said, so those clubs help him express his talent, and the Spanish Club gives him the opportunity to do various service projects. He said he particularly enjoyed helping plan its Fiesta 5K last year and hopes to do so again. As a House executive delegate, he is glad to be able to lead others by example, especially the new students.

“I try to do the right thing and work hard,” Bryce said.

In his spare time, Bryce likes to play video games, and next year he hopes to attend IU-Bloomington and student art architecture and design.

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