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Sports Spotlight: Softball

Our Sports Spotlight this issue is on the Softball team and features juniors Kate Clemmons and Kadie O’Bannon. Coach Mark Shireman ’85 said he nominated Kate because of her work ethic. “Kate is a very hard worker and has a wonderful attitude all the time,” Coach Shireman said. “She is very active in theater and this takes away from softball, but she always tries to make as much of practice as she can. She also has faced very serious knee issues and is still pushing hard. She drove in the first run of the season this year as well.”

Coach Shireman nominated Kadie because of her helpful attitude. “Kadie is the most helpful person and is always eager to jump in,” he said. “She was a huge help for the home opener and even helped with the PA system and scoreboard. She is a true team player, and since most of her injuries have healed, she is showing great progress on the field.” 

Kate Clemmons, junior, outfield, played since junior high; House of Humility, Girls Soccer, Providence Singers, and Providence theater

Question: Which playing position is your favorite?
KC: The outfield is my favorite position because I get a good view of what is going on in the game.

Q: What do you like about being on the PHS Softball team?
KC: What I love about being on the PHS Softball team is that we take everyone and we are a family.

Q: What motivates you to push through injury and put in the effort you have put forth?
KC: I have been battling my knee since the fifth grade. On Aug. 13 of last year, I had total knee reconstruction and soft tissue reconstruction, and I was out for the rest of my soccer season. What motivates me is I can go all in without worrying about my knee, and I know if something does happen my team has my back.

Q: What are you looking forward to this season?
KC: I am looking forward to having some great wins with this amazing team.

Q: What have you done to stay in shape and prepare for this season after not competing last spring?
KC: During the off season I would run and swim, but after my surgeries I would do my physical therapy, upper body workouts, and once I was cleared to submerge my leg in water, I started to swim again.

Q: What has been your favorite retreat while at PHS?
KC:  My favorite retreat so far has been my junior retreat because it was nice to spend time with friends and learning something new about our faith.

Kadie O’Bannon, junior, 3rd base and outfield, playing since junior high; House of Loyalty junior executive delegate, Girls Golf, Swim, Bowling, CYO volleyball, Pinterest Club, Art Club, Drawing Club, Student Ambassador, The Letter Project, Green Dot

Question: How did you get started playing softball?
Kadie O’Bannon: I started out playing in junior high on the Deanery team because my sister, Elle ‘20, strongly suggested and encouraged me to join the team. I already knew (former) Coach Kenny (Jaynes), so I thought it would be a fun time.

Q: Which playing position is your favorite?
KO: Third because I enjoy being in the middle of all the action and the ability to make plays.

Q: What do you like about being on the PHS Softball team?
KO: I love that we are like a family. I know it is very cliché, but the bond among the girls and coaches is just unmatched; you won’t find our kind of bond anywhere else.

Question: Coach Shireman said you are a helpful person and are always eager to jump in. Who has been your inspiration or role model that you readily pitch in to help?
KO: Although I have many inspirations for my motivation, my dad is my role model because he is so selfless and would do anything to help anyone. I want to be just like him because he is the greatest person I know.

Q: What are you looking forward to this season?
KO: I am looking forward to the games for the season because our energy on game day is astronomical.

Q: How are you making the most of this school year despite its challenges?
KO: I am making the most out of this school year by appreciating every moment I have with my friends because our time together is running out.

Q: What’s a fun tradition the Softball team has that you are looking forward to this season and why?
KO: It’s not really a tradition, but I love eating beef jerky with my team in the dugout and yelling inside jokes at whoever is batting.

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