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Sophomores deepen faith through class retreat

Last week, the sophomores joined together in a class retreat led by NET Ministries. The day included games, small group discussions, witness testimonies, dramas, and time for reflection and prayer. The students enjoyed the opportunity to deepen their faith life and draw closer together as a class.

Sophomore Erin Popson said she enjoyed how the ministry team started the day off by sharing their “heightened energy” and quickly helped everyone feel comfortable sharing about their faith.

“My fellow students shared stories of their religious struggles without hesitation, and this was especially apparent when we were granted the chance to give special petitions to the NET members,” Erin said. “The doorway was flooded with people my age wanting to pray in mere minutes. It was truly an experience that brought us all closer together.”

Sophomore Kyle Netter said he most enjoyed the small group faith discussions and the opportunity to speak with each other about faith experiences.

“This really helped everyone in the group deepen their faith,” Kyle said. “I think that is because the information is not just coming from a leader that they do not know, but they can hear it from classmates and can converse about everything they are learning from the day.”

Sophomore Margaret Gahagen said her favorite part of the retreat was visiting the prayer stations.
“It was so powerful, and I feel like I was really close to God during that,” Margaret said. “It was a really special feeling.”

Margaret added that she feels grateful to be able to attend a school where faith experiences like their class retreat can take place. She also is glad for the experience to boost her personal faith life.

“The thing I will take away most from retreat is to just always trust that things will work out for the best if we trust in God’s plan for us,” Margaret said. “Before retreat, I felt a little shaky in whether I was doing the right thing or not, but I already feel so much stronger. I am very grateful for retreat. It realigned me with God.”

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