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Seniors’ video gets attention

Senior Mirashaye Basa simply wanted to promote the March for Our Lives Southern Indiana event in New Albany last month when she and fellow senior Eli Lucas made a video promoting the movement. They created a video that includes images of news reports of school shootings while Eli plays the piano and the two sing a rendition of Angel Down by Lady Gaga. Mirashaya posted it on Twitter and YouTube in hopes that students in Parkland, Fla., who started the March for Our Lives movement would see it and that local students would see it and attend the rally.

Her posts did get a good response, but she also got some unexpected requests from several online media outlets. Mirashaye was featured in an online magazine for young women, a podcast and a local writer’s blog.

“I was really just raising awareness to get people to go to the march because I think it’s a really important thing (addressing gun violence) we should be talking about,” she said.

Mirashaye came up with the idea in her volunteer work for the campaign for U.S. Congressional candidate Liz Watson (Democrat, Ninth District). Her work has included answering phone calls and helping with door-to-door campaigning. When the staff was discussing various issues, including gun violence, the March for Our Lives event was mentioned. Mirashaye thought that a video would be a good way to raise awareness, so she reached out to several of her friends, and Eli was able to commit to helping. They did several takes to get the music and vocals right, and Eli did the editing.

Mirashaye said she was glad to be able to create something that raised awareness not only for the event but for the need for laws to address the issue of gun violence. Now she feels empowered realizing that young people can have a say on various issues.

“It’s a chance for kids to show they really have a voice,” Mirashaye said. “Before this (experience), I felt like there wasn’t a lot I can do. Before you can vote, you don’t feel like your voice matters. After (the) Parkland (shooting), I saw it did.”

Mirashaye is one of several students helping plan how Providence students can participate in the National School Walkout planned for April 20. PHS was on spring break when the first event was held, so our students were unable to participate. The students are brainstorming different ideas, including adoration in the chapel, writing letters to legislators, and a march of some sort. Whatever the final plan, prayer will be part of the experience, she said.

“Prayer is part of our identity (as a school), so it makes us unique in the way we handle things and can approach things through prayer.

Mirashaye began volunteering with Liz Watson’s campaign at the suggestion of Spanish teacher Brad Burden. She had been volunteering only a few weeks before creating the video. She will attend American University in Washington, D.C., and plans to major in political science and possibly social justice. She hopes to one day secure one of the internships with Congress and other federal departments the college offers.

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