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Senior receives appointment to US Naval Academy

Senior Landon Kruer is relieved to finally have the college search process behind him and even more pleased to have received an appointment to his top choice, the U.S. Naval Academy. Landon received news of his appointment earlier this month and plans to major in marine engineering or naval architecture. He plans to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps following graduation from the Naval Academy.

Landon said he has been interested in the U.S. Armed Forces since he was in sixth grade, partly because his grandfathers were both in the U.S. Army Reserves. Originally, his desire was to join the U.S. Navy, so he joined the Louisville division of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, a youth leadership development program sponsored by the Navy. He also attended a Naval Academy summer STEM camp.

He began setting his sites on the Naval Academy for college, especially after one of his cousins received an appointment. Landon said he feels more confident in his decision to attend the Naval Academy after talking with his cousin and hearing about his experience. He said his cousin has a similar personality to his, which boosted his confidence in the program.

“It’s good to hear from someone who’s like me, so I know I would like it,” Landon said.

As a member of the Baseball and Boys Tennis teams, Landon is used to being physically active, so the rigorous training paired with the intensive college program appeals to him, he said. He also has a strong patriotic streak.

Naval Academy graduates commit to serving 10 years as an officer in the Navy or Marines after earning their degree, and Landon plans to commit to the Marines. Although the Navy originally appealed to him, as he began looking into the different Armed Forces, he felt more drawn to the Marines for its more diverse career options protecting the country by air, ground, or water.

“You can get a little bit of everything in the Marines,” Landon said.

Landon also dreamed of flying planes for the Marines, but his recent physical revealed a red/green color deficiency in his eyesight of which he’d been unaware. The diagnosis required a medical waiver to get into the Naval Academy and prevents him from flying. Although he is disappointed he won’t be able to fly, he is thrilled to have his appointment to the academy and is open to other opportunities in the Marines.

“It was just a big relief,” Landon said of receiving the waiver and his official appointment. “Now I can stop applying to other colleges.”

Other appointments in recent years include Andrew Henderson ’20, Brigid Welch ’20, Brogan Welch ’18, Patricia Mattingly ’15, and Charmaine Solis ’14.

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