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Girls Swim & Dive team makes a splash

The Swim & Dive team continues to grow and improve after several years of declining numbers. Coach Jim Pfeiffer has focused on recruiting and teaching technique, and the results are obvious. In the regular season, the Girls Swim team improved their times and had some team wins.

At Girls Swim sectional, the team posted a 10-year high in points with 66, almost double its 34 points last year. The team’s seven swimmers advanced to the sectional finals in seven events. Unlike other sports that have multiple levels of postseason events, swimming sectional includes preliminaries and the finals with the top swimmer in each event advancing to state. (Swimmers who meet state time standards also advance until there are 32 competitors for each event.) Diving does hold a regional competition, and senior Madison Roehrs, a

Senior Madison Roehrs places 14th in the Bloomington North Diving Regional. 

former nationally ranked competitive gymnast in her first year on the team, has broken two school diving records and placed 14th in last night’s diving regional after placing third at sectional.

In the Girls Swim sectional preliminaries, sophomore Meg LaMaster placed 16th in the 200-yard individual medley and 12th in the 100-yard breaststroke, and junior Abby Glotzbach placed 10th in the 100-yard backstroke and advanced to the finals. Sophomore Lauren Stapp placed 18th in the 50-yard freestyle and was second alternate in the finals.

The relay teams did well in the preliminaries. The 200-yard medley relay team of Meg, Abby, Lauren, and junior Anna Thomas placed ninth; the 200-yard freestyle relay team of Lauren, Anna, freshman Faith Middleton, and junior Daryl Hunton placed 12th, and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of Abby, Daryl, Lauren and Anna placed 10th.

In the finals, Coach Pfeiffer said he was impressed with the girls’ performance and their efforts to continue to improve their times. The 200 medley relay team cut nearly 8 seconds off last year’s time and placed 11th. The 400 free relay team won the consolation round and cut 13 seconds from last year’s time.

Coach Pfeiffer credits the extra effort put in by Abby and Meg for their success in individual events and their contribution to the relays.

“Abby is one of the hardest working athletes I have ever worked with,” he said, noting that she regularly swims before school, works out after school, and attends every practice. “If you are to succeed in anything, excel at something, it doesn’t happen just because one wants it, but it comes from work. It’s also believing in oneself that with work, rewards will come their way. And it comes from listening, trying new ways, not being beholden to the status quo.”

He also noted that Meg comes in early to swim and watches the clock to improve her time every practice. She also was willing to try a new race – the individual medley — when she realized she could qualify at sectional. Coach Pfeiffer also worked with her on all aspects of her technique in the breaststroke in order to improve to a qualifying time.

“Because of her work ethic, we had no problem transitioning her into an IM swimmer,” he said. “And it paid off.”

The Boys Swim team will compete in sectionals next week.

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