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Freshmen bond during first retreat

Last week, our freshmen participated in a day of reflection with community building activities, small group sharing, faith sharing witness talks from others, and prayer. The activities were held at Providence and facilitated by a group from CYO Camp Rancho Framasa. The students enjoyed their first Providence retreat experience, even with social distancing and mask wearing.

Freshman Quentin Hesse said he had fun during the community building activities, which focused on communication. When communication broke down, his group failed and ended up arguing. But when they worked together, they solved the task.

“We had to communicate with each other and pay close attention to complete and accomplish the goal,” Quentin said. “Our groups had to work together and be patient with one another in order to cohesively complete the task. We had to listen to one another’s advice in these games as well. … When we listened and worked with one another, we were able to get the job done.”

Freshman Erin Popson agreed.

“This made us have to speak with one another and problem solve based on what the others told us,” Erin said. “By working together on these activities, we became closer as a class, a team, and a spiritual family … [It] helped us understand how important communication is when we’re in a relationship with God.”

The witness talks and small group discussions also helped the students see their faith in a new light.

“The one that stuck with me the most was that I should put God first in my life,” Quentin said. “As a lifelong catholic, I had already known that this should be something I should do in my life. On the retreat I felt a connection to put God first. It made me realize that I should not only notice that I should put God first, but I should act this way in my life.”

Erin saw the day as an overall positive faith experience.

“The freshman retreat was an amazing experience, allowing me to meet and connect with the others in my class,” Erin said. “Overall, it helped me to understand the ways God speaks to us and how we must respond if we wish to be closer with Him and have Eternal Life with Him in Heaven.”

Freshman Evan McCombs said he liked connecting with his classmates in a new way.

“We really got to know our classmates,” Evan said, adding that he liked how the retreat leaders brought fun into the faith experience. “I definitely had a lot of fun at the retreat.”

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