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Freshman skilled at sleight of hand

Photo by Tony Bennett Photography for Extol Magazine

Freshman Evan Scott’s hands are rarely idle. If he has free time, he usually is playing with a deck of cards. But he’s not playing euchre or poker. He’s working on a magic trick. He’s gotten so good at it that he even earns spending money by performing his card tricks at various events. His schedule is pretty full for the next few months as he performs at company parties and other holiday gatherings.

He keeps his show informal and engages with the audience, but what he likes most is being able to perform the illusions, such as performing tricks that make it appear that a card has changed colors.

“I really like how once you learn as much as I have, it connects with everything else and everything branches out from it,” he said. “There’s just so much you can learn.”

Evan said he is always looking for new tricks. He started working on card tricks shortly after seeing a TV special three years ago. The next week, he was home sick and began looking up card tricks to entertain himself. He taught himself his first card tricks by watching videos on YouTube. Now, he uses lessons on DVDs and in books.

He got so good that he decided to try out for America’s Got Talent last year at an open audition in Chicago. He didn’t get past the first round, but the experience was eye-opening. As people waited to audition, they practiced in a large, open room, and he saw many magic acts. He realized that he needed to create an act that differentiated him from everyone else. He’s not sure when he’ll audition again but does hope to one day, and when he does, he’ll be ready to wow the judges.

“I didn’t put much thought into it,” he said about his first audition. “Next time, I’ll be more original.”

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