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Fall musical debuts Thursday

Tomorrow, the fall musical Honk! opens, staged by students in the Musical Theatre Production class. The show runs Thursday through Saturday at 7:00 p.m. in the Ray Day Little Theatre, with a matinee performance on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are $10, and can be purchased online, via email (, or by phone 812-945-2538 x 254. Tickets can also be purchased at the door, but seating is limited.

The cast is looking forward to presenting the musical, which is lighthearted but with a strong message. Senior Regan Elias said she has enjoyed playing Ida, the mother of the main character.

“It’s a role I haven’t gotten to play before,” Regan said. ”I’ve always played a villain or an ensemble character, so to play a mom who is loving and just trying to find her missing son who no one else seems to care about is a welcome change. It’s a really cool way to open a part of acting I’ve never tapped into before.”

The show is family friendly with upbeat music that will appeal to children but with “depth and humor adults can enjoy too,” she said. Audiences will recognize the familiar tale of The Ugly Duckling but appreciate the new songs, which help bring out the personality of the different characters.

“I think audiences will appreciate the uniqueness of voices and songs within the show,” Regan said.

Senior Jesse Zoeller, who plays Cat, said he is enjoying the chance to play an antagonist. As he always does before portraying a character, he watched a movie to get insight into his character’s motivation. For the role of Cat, he watched the movie It and was inspired by the evil character Pennywise, particularly his smile.

“It’s really creepy, but it’s something the cat would do because he’s slimy,” Jesse said.

The message of the musical is positive, however, and Jesse said he thinks audiences will be able to relate to the theme that our differences make each of us special and unique rather than merely different than the crowd.

Sophomore Victor Beeler plays the main character, Ugly, and he said he enjoyed toying with various ways to portray his character and his wide range of emotions. He believes audiences will like the show because it will tug at their heart strings while also being comical.

“It’s very heartwarming,” Victor said. “It’s also a very funny show, and they’ll get a lot of laughs.”

Senior Ross Reyes, who plays Bullfrog, said he likes that the songs are catchy while also being “full of emotion,” from Ugly’s song about feeling left out to his character’s song, “Warts and All,” about “being proud of who you are.”

Sophomore Kieran Kelly plays the military commander Graylag the goose, said he was surprised at the depth of the story and its message.

“I thought coming in that it was just happy go lucky,” Kieran said. “But it has a lot of themes and messages in it that are pretty important.”

This is the third year that a fall musical has been staged as part of the Musical Theatre Production class, which gives sophomores through seniors a chance to prepare for the spring musical. Regan said putting on a full-length show with rehearsals primarily in class time actually has more time constraints than one might think.

“Preparing for a show during class time is kind of stressful,” she said. “The cast has to work fast and under a pressure that none of us have really felt before. It’s way different than preparing a show in scheduled time outside of school. Although it is stressful, it is fun to develop a show with the amazing people in our class.”

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