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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Douglas Coughlan

Douglas Coughlan, husband of Megan (Thompson) Coughlan ’01, brother-in-law to Kelli (Thompson) Dattilo ’89, Erin (Thompson) Scroggins ’90 (Jerry ex-’84), and Jonathan Thompson ’95, son-in-law of Deacon John Thompson ’60, passed away Aug. 17, 2018.
Scott Funeral Home obit

Catherine Kennedy

Catherine Kennedy, mother of PHS alumna Marilyn (Kennedy) McGuire ’63, passed away Aug. 16, 2018.
Bills-McGaugh & Hamilton obit

 Howard Pierce Sr.

Howard Pierce Sr., father of PHS maintenance staff member Richard Pierce, passed away Aug. 9, 2018.
Beams Funeral Home obit

 Gerald “Jerry” Volpert ’61

Gerald “Jerry” Volpert, Class of 1961, was brother of PHS alumni Tom Volpert ’58 (dec’d.) (Sandra Lamke ’57 – dec’d.) and Jackie Volpert ’61 (dec’d.) and uncle of Maria Volpert ’84, Robert Volpert ’86, and John Volpert ’89. He passed away Aug. 12, 2018.
Kraft Funeral Service obit

Sr. Pauline Brockelsby


Sr. Pauline Brockelsby, former PHS  English and Mass Communication teacher (1967-70), passed away July 13, 2018.

Tribune Star obit

Karina Mowry

Karina Mowry, daughter of Cory Canter ‘02, passed away July 23, 2018 .
Newcomer Kentuckiana obit

William “Bill” Jenkins

William “Bill” Jenkins, father of Greg Jenkins ’92 and founder the PHS soccer program as a club sport and a strong advocate of the boys’ and girls’ programs becoming an official IHSAA sports, passed away July 24, 2018.
Newcomer Kentuckiana obit


David Fisher

David Fisher, father of Jessica (Fisher) Wethington ’98 and Amy (Fisher) Brown ’96; brother-in-law of Carol (Spitznagel) Fisher ’66, Rick Spitznagel ’69, Danny Spitznagel ’70, Susie (Spitznagel) Block ’72 (Danny ’71), and Kathy (Spitznagel) Coleman ’73; and uncle to Jennifer (Fisher) Kelly ’91, Brian P. Fisher ’93 (Emily Lega ’93), Amy (Fisher) Brown ’96, Michael K. Ryan ’95, Daniel Block Jr. ’96 (Megan Landis ’00), Christopher Ryan ’97, Jessica (Fisher) Wethington ’98, Kelly M. (Ryan) Miller ’00, Matthew Block ’00, Kimberly Reiter ’02, Kyle Reiter ’06, Katie Spitznagel ’11 and Abigail Spitznagel ’14, passed away July 23, 2018.

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Tony Kinnaird ’72

Tony Kinnaird, Class of 1972, brother of John Bonner ‘81, and cousin to Shirley (Harris) White ’59 (dec’d.), Yvonne (Harris) Harvey ex-’61, Michael Kinnaird ’62, George Harris ’64 (dec’d.), Dale A. Harris Sr. ’65, Parketta Sedwick ’70, David Renfroe ’70, Theresa (Renfroe) Cesar ’71, Rita (Harris) Deloney ex-’71 (dec’d.), Catherine Sedwick ex-’72, Patrick Harris ’74, Chris Renfroe ’74, Oweeda (Taylor) Kinnaird ’74, Cindy Sedwick ex-’74, Martha (Renfroe) Brown ’75, Ann Renfroe ’82 and Dale Harris Jr. ’88, passed away July 21, 2018.
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Bill Boyd ’75

Bill Boyd, Class of 1975, father of Bailey Boyd ’16, brother of Sarah (Boyd) Crane ’74, passed away July 23, 2018.
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