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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Carl F. Schmidt

Carl F. Schmidt, husband of Carolyn “Susie” (Shelton) Schmidt ’63, father-in-law of Nicholas “Nick” Barth ’70, grandfather of Brad Orem ’07 and Ben Orem ’11, and uncle of Mary Alice Jones ’61 decd., Nancy (Jones) Russell ’62, Peggy (Jones) Banet ’64, Melba K. Jones ’67 decd., Terri R. Jones ’71, and Paul K. Jones ’73, passed away June 17, 2018.
Kraft Funeral Services obit

Cliff Wallace

R. Clifton “Cliff” Wallace, history and health teacher and assistant football coach 1964-68, passed away June 18, 2018.
Highlands Family-Owned Funeral Home obit


Charles Zipp ’56

Charles Zipp, Class of 1956, husband of Alberta (Kruer) Zipp ’58 and uncle of Patricia (Day) Hedelman ’68, Cecilia “Chi-Chi” (Day) Julius ’70 (David ’70), Ruth Ann (Day) Thompson ’71, Robert “Bob” Day Jr. ’73, and Denice (Day) Andres ’74 (Mike ’74), passed away June 17, 2018.
Kraft Funeral Service obit

Franz Felten

Franz Felten, father of PHS alumni John J. Felten ’83, Mary (Felten) Arkless ’85, Carol Felten ex-’87, William C. “Bill” Felten ’89, Rose (Felten) Kleindl ’91, and Frederick Felten ’92; brother of Marie (Felten) Parker ’58 and Rosemary (Felten) Clark ’61; and uncle of Katherine (Parker) Reyes ’89, Michael Clark ’90, Victoria (Parker) Gutwein ’92, Teresa Clark ’91, Steven C. Clark ’93, Christine (Clark) Thompson ’98, and Victoria A. Clark ’01, and brother-in-law of Charlotte (Hornung) Parker ’58, passed away June 9, 2018. Mr. Felten also was a long-time member of the New Albany Deanery Board of Education.

Gehlbach and Royse Funeral Homes obit


June Blunk

June Blunk, mother of Janis (Blunk) Kirk ’68, Mary Lynn (Blunk) Petty ’70, and Joseph Blunk ’75; grandmother of Curtis Petty ’96, Heather (Petty) Yates ’97, and Christopher W. Petty ’01; and aunt of Richard M. Lee ’73, Laura (Lee) Goad ’76 and Trudy (Lee) Reister ’79, passed away June 14, 2018.

Seabrook Dieckmann Naville Funeral Homes obit

Catherine Harbison

Catherine Harbison, mother of Judy (Harbison) Bell ’58 and Jennifer (Harbison) Zoeller ’63 (Edward J. Zoeller ’63), and grandmother of Heather (Zoeller) Roney ’92, passed away June 14, 2018.

Kraft Funeral Service obit

Leesa Popp ’88

Leesa Popp, Class of 1988, daughter of Bonnie (Beavin) Roberts ’61 (decd.) and David M. Popp ’60, niece of Virginia (Popp) McClure ’55 (decd.), Frank Popp ’57 (decd.), Marvin Popp ’66 (Carol Bickel ’68) and Susan (Beavin) Hopson ’64, and cousin of Diane (Popp) Morris ’82, Dan Popp ’86, Debbie (Popp) Miller ’87, Lori (Popp) Garrison ’88, and Bryan Popp ’91, passed away June 12, 2018.
Jones Funeral Chapel obit

Jeannie Pepper

Jeannie Pepper, mother of Michelle (Pepper) Wyzard ’84 and Angie (Pepper) Tate ’86 (Kurt ’83), and grandmother of PHS student Christian Tate ’20, passed away June 12, 2018.
Newcomer obit

Sharon Lanham

Sharon Lanham, mother of PHS alumni Robin Lanham ’76 and Debra (Lanham) Schubert ex-’78, passed away June 9, 2018
Highlands Funeral Home obit

Charles E. Wilbert Jr.

Charles E. Wilbert Jr., husband of Rosie (Wheatley) Wilbert ’59, and father of PHS alumni Charles A. “Tony” Wilbert ’80 and Tina (Wilbert) Springer ’91, passed away June 9, 2018.
Newcomer obit

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