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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Kenneth Schneider

Kenneth Schneider, father of PHS alumni Joy (Schneider) Ewing ’86, Julie (Schneider) Weathers ’87, and Richard Schneider ’89, brother of Herb Schneider ’64, and uncle of Benjamin Schneider ’91, Adam Schneider ’93, Sarah Schneider ’95, and Susanna (Schneider) Arnold ’97, passed away May 27, 2020.
Gehlbach & Royse Funeral Home obit

Patricia Mann

Patricia Mann, wife of Ronald Mann ’62; stepmother of Lisa (Mann) Wilcox ’84 and Dawn (Mann) Wright ’89; sister of Cathy (Olszewski) Boerner ’75; and grandmother of Zachary Tackett ’19 and Ben Tackett ’23, passed away May 17, 2020.
Kraft Funeral Service obit

Paul Farish Sr.

Paul Farish Sr., father of Debbie (Farish) Davis ’80, Paul Farish Jr. ’81, and Lisa (Farish) O’Neil ’87, and uncle of Richard Farish ’71, passed away May 13, 2020.
Kraft Funeral Service obit

Karen (Englert) Waters ’73

Karen (Englert) Waters, Class of  1973, mother of PHS alumna Sara E. Waters ’07, sister of Pamela (Englert) Belden ’70, and aunt of Jonathan Belden ’98 (Patty Youngs ’99), passed away May 10, 2020.
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Adan Torres-Zuñiga

Adan “Adam” Torres-Zuñiga, father of Rodolfo “Rodito” Torres ’23, passed away on Monday, May 18, 2020.

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Barbara Moses

Barbara Moses, sister of John Rigrish ’66 and Catherine (Rigrish) Lorenz ’71, passed away May 14, 2020.
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Patrick Carney ’55

Patrick Carney, Class of 1955, was father of Patrick E. Carney ’82 and Theresa Berbet ’83; grandfather of Annemarie Carney ’13 and Carl Carney ’17; brother of Mary Anne (Carney) Staser ’64; and uncle of Michael Carney ’75, Thomas Carney ’76, Timothy Carney ’78, Daniel Carney ’80 and Julie (Staser) Grantz ’87 (dec’d.) (Charles “Chuck” Grantz ’87), passed away May 10, 2020.
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Eugene “Gene” Stumler ’66

Eugene “Gene” Stumler, Class of 1966, husband of Debbie (Graf) Stumler ’71, and father of Ryan Stumler ’01 (Jami Day ’01), Travis Stumler ’03, and Melissa (Stumler) Gettelfinger ’05, passed away May 5, 2020. He also was the brother of  PHS alumni Bernice (Stumler) Conder ’59, Andrew Stumler ’61 (dec’d.) (Marcella Gettelfinger ’63), Melvin Stumler ’65 (Nancy Wilson ’65), and Stephen Stumler ’67; brother-in-law of Pat Jenks Leist-Stumler ’57 (Irvin Stumler); and uncle of Robert Keith Boone ’79, Deborah (Stumler) Gregory ’81, Dewayne Stumler ’82 (Ronda Miller ’83), Dean Stumler ’85, Donna (Stumler) House ’91, Jennifer (Boone) Zibart ’97, Damian Stumler ’98 (Sunnye Zoeller ’98), Kenneth Boone ’98, and Rochelle (Stumler) Balmer ’00.
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