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Athletic training career is ’11 grad’s dream job

Spencer Corrao ’11 was a talented multi-sport athlete as a Pioneer, playing running back for the Football team and catcher for the Baseball team – helping both teams to winning seasons and postseason runs. He continued his football career at Hanover College, contributing to the team’s success from his first season. So it seems only natural he would have a career centered around sports. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and applied physiology in 2015 from Hanover College, he is now the director of pro athlete performance and education for Bommarito Performance Systems in Miami.

His job has him working on a regular basis with professional athletes in football and baseball as well as those in hockey, basketball, tennis, soccer, boxing, and even sailing. Although he wasn’t mentioned specifically in the article, his work with Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott, a running back with the Dallas Cowboys, during his contract holdout, an article in The Dallas Morning News about it gave a good picture of the type of training he provides.

Just as he coordinated Elliot’s training, recovery, and timing of the consumption of nutrients during his six weeks in Cabo San Lucas, Corrao does the same for all his clients, although usually at the Miami facility. It’s a job he loves, from developing training regimens to writing educational content about physical training. Seeing his clients improve is his greatest reward.

“I love spending time with my athletes and helping them to grow, improve, and perfect their craft on a day to day basis,” he said. “From the little kids in grade school all the way to professional athletes, to those that are just trying to stay and shape and live a healthy life, the best part of my day are those moments with the people I work with where I know I am able to make a difference in their life and help them in a positive way.”

There’s enough variety in his work to keep him challenged. He works one-on-one with clients. Writes their training plan. Coaches others online. And teaches the facility’s new staff members and coordinates interns. But his favorite part is working one-on-one with clients and helping them meet their goals. And while it could be easy to be star struck by his professional athlete clients, he gives the same attention to helping those whose physical improvement is for their daily mobility as those whose careers depend on it.

“Something I have realized is that it doesn’t matter if it is a guy trying to win the Super Bowl or someone who just wants to be able to take their dog for a walk, the joy in a job like this is helping someone meet their goals and get better,” Corrao said.

There are still plenty of challenges to his job, mainly what his clients do – or don’t do – when they are not in the training facility. Some clients just lack the self-discipline to fulfill their goals.

“You cannot help everyone,” he said. “Especially in the realm of physical training, a great plan and motivation in the gym or on the field can only go so far. An individual needs to be motivated and disciplined the other 20 hours of the day that they aren’t at the facility with me. 

His job does require some traveling, such as when he traveled to Cabo San Lucas to work with Elliott, or when he provides training at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis (bringing him close to home). He also travels for conferences and professional training for himself. But mainly he is at the Miami facility working with clients on a daily basis.

“I like to be at the facility, where we can help a lot of athletes at once,” he said.

And when he’s not at work, he’s enjoying the sights and culture of Miami with fiancée Kori Siebert ’13, whom he will marry in late December. He said they love the diversity of the people, the variety of things to do and see, and of course, the weather.

“Kori and I have been able to experience a lot of different things and people that we wouldn’t have anywhere else in the world,” Corrao said. “Being five minutes from the beach is always nice too!”

As much as he loves his new home, he is grateful for the foundation he received in Southern Indiana and at Providence.

“From growing up in New Albany to my time at Providence to Hanover College, I have been extremely blessed to always have a support group that helped me to push towards what I love to do,” Corrao said. “It is easy to work hard when you are surrounded by people like that. I have been able to meet some really incredible people through my work here, both athletes and non-athletes. And it would have never been possible without all the people that have been there for me along the way. I hope I can help everyone around me chase their passions in the same way.”

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