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Our faculty make use of several technologies to enhance the learning experience.  They allow the teacher to better present information and accurately measure how well the information is being absorbed by the class.

Smart Sympodium

The SMART Sympodium interactive pen display is a presentation tool that connects to a computer and projector.  This tool allows an instructor to make any presentation interactive as they can write over applications in digital ink—such as existing documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets or Web browsers—and save their notes for later review. The Sympodium also allows the teacher to control the computer, keeping the them in front of the class instead of running back and forth to their desk.

eInstruction CPS Pads

The CPS™ student response pads or “clickers” are small, handheld devices that allow students to respond to questions asked verbally, on paper, or on screen and enables the instructor to instantly assess the students’ comprehension of the lessons. Since the answers can be anonymous, students have no fear of being made fun of if they do not know an answer to a question or are struggling with understanding of the concepts being taught, thus making the CPS a much better indicator than asking students to raise their hand if they have questions. In addition, the class is more interactive and students are more engaged in learning.

AVerMedia Document Cameras

Document cameras feature a high resolution camera on an adjustable arm with multiple output options. The AVerMedia cameras in use at Providence feature a unique goose-neck arm that allows ultimate flexibility. They connect to a projector, TV, or computer and can record a session, split screen, screen capture, and still frame. Unlike a traditional overhead projector, the document camera allows the teacher to work with plain paper, zoom, display 3D objects, and autofocus.

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