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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Bernard P. Bachman ’78

Bernie Bachman, Class of 1978, brother of Rose Marie (Bachman) Rogers ’69, Anthony Bachman ’70 (decd.), Martin Bachman ’72, Elaine (Bachman) ’74, Miriam (Bachman) Robertson ’76, Grace Anne (Bachman) Engleman ’81, Hank Bachman ’84, and Constance (Bachman) Terry ’86, uncle of Kaitlyn Kull-Harper ’13, and nephew of Mary Sue (Bachman) Renn ’59, passed away May 27, 2018.

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Joe Jackson ’66

Joseph D. “Joe” Jackson, Class of 1966, husband of Carol (Mooney) Jackson ’66, father of Jessica (Jackson) Lincoln ’90 (Matt Lincoln ’88) and Jeremy Jackson ’93; brother of Barbara (Jackson) Kochert ’65 (Gene Kochert ’65); and uncle of Amy (Kochert) Quinn ’88, Allison (Kochert) Schuler ’91 (Terry Schuler ’91), Adrienne Kochert ’94 decd., and Amanda (Kochert) Jehl ’95, passed away May 18, 2018.

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David “Yogi” Timberlake

David “Yogi” Timberlake, husband of Barbara (Luther) Timberlake ’74 and brother-in-law of Susan (Luther) Aseltine ’66, Diane (Luther) Jones ’68, Andrew Luther ’73, Mark Luther ’77, Gregory Luther ’78, PHS Head Track Coach Jeanne Luther ’82, and Thomas Luther ’84, passed away May 14, 2018.
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Jack Hutt ’55

John W. “Jack” Hutt, Class of 1955, brother of Barbara (Hutt) Flispart ’56 (William “Bill” Flispart ’55 decd.), Joseph Hutt ex-’58, Robert “Bob” Hutt ex-’59 decd. (Betty Paull ’60 decd.), Cecelia (Hutt) Steele ’61, Charles “Bud” Hutt ex-’70 decd. (Jackie Purcell ’69), Phillip Hutt ’70, Carla (Hutt) Schneiders ’72, and Katie (Hutt) LaHue ’75, passed away May 15, 2018.
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Janet Gohmann ’66

Janet M. Gohmann, Class of 1966, sister of PHS alumna Julie (Gohmann) Farrell ’76 (Stan Farrell ’69), and aunt of Emily LaGarenne ’05 and Elyse LaGarenne ’08, passed away May 14, 2018.
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Marjorie L. Pierson

Marjorie Pierson, mother-in-law of Lawrence E. Miller ’68 and grandmother of Ryan Miller ’99 (Danielle Himmelhaver ’99) and Keevan Miller ’06 (Jessica Donner ’03) passed away May 14, 2018.

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Teresa Tedesco

Teresa Tedesco, mother of the PHS alumni Johnny Tedesco ’72, Phillip Tedesco ’74, Tony Tedesco ’77Guy Tedesco ’80, Dominic Tedesco ex-’82, and Christopher Tedesco ex-’91, and grandmother of Melissa Tedesco ’02 and Jeremy Tedesco ’99, passed away May 12, 2018.
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Martin T. Gohmann

Martin “Marty” T. Gohmann, father of Gretchen (Gohmann) Craig ’89, Thomas V. Gohmann ’91, Donnie M. Gohmann ’92, Johanna “Jo” (Gohmann) Boyle ’94, Martin D. Gohmann ’95 (Amanda Gadjen Gohmann ’00), Ted A. Gohmann ’97, Graham F. Gohmann ’00, and Gregory Gohmann ’04, passed away May 9, 2018.

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Norah Grace Mammolenti

Norah Grace Mammolenti, infant daughter of Megan (Wheatley) Mammolenti ’08, niece of Justin Wheatley ’15, and great-granddaughter of Richard ’60 & Betty (Davis ’55) Libs, passed away May 8, 2018.

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John Buschemeyer

John W. Buschemeyer, father of Sarah (Buschemeyer) Koetter ’87 (Brian Koetter ’87), and grandfather of Mason Koetter ’15, Emily Koetter ’17 and Molly Koetter ex-’19, passed away May 7, 2018.
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