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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Patrick Galligan ex-’55

Patrick Galligan, who started PHS with the Class of 1955, brother of William F. Galligan ’59 (Sylvia (Hentrup) Galligan ’61), uncle of  Edward Galligan ’82, Doug Galligan ’84, and Anna (Galligan) Judd  ’88 (Lane Judd ’88), passed away Oct. 16, 2017.
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Charles “Charlie” Staser

Charles “Charlie” Staser, husband of Mary Anne (Carney) Staser ’64, father of Julie Anne (Staser) Grantz ’87 (dec.) (Charles Grantz ’87), brother to Louis Staser (dec. – withdrew from PHS 1953), grandfather of Andrew Grantz ’07 and Nathanial Grantz ’13, brother-in-law of Patrick Carney ’55, and uncle to PHS alumni Theresa (Carney) Berbet ’83 and Patrick E. Carney ’82, passed away Oct. 17, 2017. He was a long-time member of the Booster Club and Monday Night Crew.

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Alma Henry

Alma Henry, mother of Mark Henry ’75, Karen (Henry) Johnson ’76 (Stewart ’76), Phillip Henry ’78, and Jim Henry ’80 and grandmother of PHS alumni Lisa (Johnson) Schaffner ’00 and Kyle Johnson ’04, passed away Oct. 15, 2017.
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Patty Schenck

Patty Schenck, mother of Dale Schenck ’82, Darryll Schenck ’84, and DaWayne Schenck ’85, and grandmother of PHS alumnus Carl A. Schenck ’08, passed away Oct. 15, 2017.
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Dr. Robert “Bob” Lega

Dr. Robert “Bob” Lega, father of Emily (Lega) Fisher ’93 (Brian Fisher ’93) and Jessica (Lega) Goodman ex-’95, passed away Oct. 12, 2017.
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Edward J. Miller

Edward J. Miller, father of Tina Miller ’76 and Marti (Miller) Walker ’80, passed away Sept. 28, 2017
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Dolores Labor

Dolores Labor, mother of PHS alumnus Frank Labor ’64 and grandmother of PHS alumni Peggy (Labor) Garbe ’03 and Frances (Labor) McHugh ex-’08 (Lonnie McHugh ’07), passed away Sept. 28, 2017.
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